Pharmacy in Louisville, KY

Explore a comprehensive range of medical supplies at our in-house and online pharmacy. From over-the-counter solutions to specialized medications, your pet’s well-being is covered. Plus, enjoy exclusive rebates on veterinarian-prescribed products for prevention. Your pet’s safety is our commitment at  Springhurst Animal Hospital.

Convenient In-House and Online Pharmacy Solutions

Springhurst Animal Hospital has both an in-house pharmacy and an online pharmacy for all of your pet’s medical needs. Our supplies range from over-the-counter shampoos and supplements to arthritis pain medications, heartworm, and flea preventatives.

Contact us for more information on rebates the companies offer for products only sold through veterinarians (in the office or on our website).

Preventatives are only guaranteed by their manufacturers when sold through a veterinarian (in the office or on our website). They guarantee that if you purchase the product from us and use it as labeled, they will pay for treatment if the preventative fails.

Veterinarian giving medicine for a dog

Ensuring Your Pet’s Well-Being with Our Pharmacy Services

At Springhurst Animal Hospital, our pharmacy services are tailored to meet the diverse medical needs of your beloved pets. Here’s how our pharmacy stands out in promoting and safeguarding your pet’s health:

  1. Extensive Medication Range: From over-the-counter solutions to specialized prescriptions, our pharmacy stocks a wide array of medications catering to various health conditions.
  2. Convenience of Online Ordering: Access our online pharmacy for the convenience of ordering medications from the comfort of your home, ensuring a seamless and stress-free process.
  3. Expert Guidance: Our experienced veterinary team provides personalized guidance on medication administration, dosage, and potential side effects, ensuring optimal care for your pet.
  4. Rebate Information: Inquire about rebates offered exclusively for products sold through veterinarians. Our team can provide detailed information on potential cost savings for your pet’s medications.
  5. Guaranteed Preventatives: Purchase preventatives with confidence, as they are guaranteed by manufacturers when obtained through a veterinarian. If used as labeled, the manufacturer ensures coverage for treatment in case of preventative failure.

Whether it’s arthritis pain relief, heartworm prevention, or specialized supplements, our pharmacy is committed to supporting your pet’s health journey. Trust Springhurst Animal Hospital for quality pharmaceutical care that prioritizes the health and happiness of your pets.