Microchipping in Louisville, KY

Springhurst Animal Hospital in Louisville is one of the leading veterinarians in the area. We offer a wide variety of services for your pet, including microchipping. Microchipping makes it easier to recover your pet after they’ve gone missing. We can implant microchips in both cats and dogs. The procedure is safe and quick. Read on to learn more about pet microchipping and the benefits that it can offer your pet. 

The Microchipping Procedure

The microchipping procedure is quick, safe, and nearly painless. The microchip itself is only the size of a grain of rice. Our vet will locate the optimal spot for the microchip, usually between your pet’s shoulder blades. The microchip is then implanted with an injection. It is injected just below your pet’s skin, where it will be secure but not painful or intrusive to your pet. There may be a small amount of pain during the injection. The injection only takes a few minutes, and your pet can go home immediately. There may be a small amount of redness and swelling at the site, but this will disappear in a few days.

Our veterinary team ensures that the microchipping process is stress-free for your pet. We take the time to calm and reassure them throughout the procedure. Your pet’s safety is our top priority, and microchipping is a simple step towards ensuring their security in any situation.

Veterinarian checking microchip implant of a dog

The Benefits of Microchipping

Microchipping has revolutionized pet ownership. Implanting microchips in all dogs and cats passing through animal shelters has become increasingly essential. Many dogs and cats go missing every year, and the pets that have microchips are much more likely to be recovered. To identify a microchipped animal, a vet must scan the pet with a special device. Once they have done this, they can get the owner’s info and return the pet to their family.

At Springhurst Animal Hospital, we prioritize the safety of every pet, whether they bark, purr, or slither. Our microchipping service extends beyond dogs and cats, including exotic pets. Discover why microchipping is a universal safeguard for all your beloved companions.

  • Universal Identification: Microchips offer a universal identification solution suitable for dogs, cats, and exotic pets, ensuring accurate identification.
  • Swift Reunions: In case of separation, our microchipping service facilitates quick reunions, irrespective of the type of pet.
  • Minimal Discomfort: The microchipping procedure is quick and minimally invasive, causing minimal discomfort for all pets.
  • Comprehensive Database: Our database is not limited to cats and dogs; it encompasses all pets seen at Springhurst Animal Hospital.

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Here at Springhurst Animal Hospital in Louisville, we offer a wide variety of services to cats, dogs, and other species of pets. From microchipping to dental care to vaccinations, we can take care of all your pet’s health care needs. We are careful to treat our furry patients with respect and empathy.

If you have questions or you would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone at 502-326-2975 or through our website. One of our associates will give you all of the information you need. When you’re ready, we can also help you make an appointment at a time that works for your schedule.