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HomeAgain Microchipping

One out of three household pets are lost once during it's lifetime.  Of those lost only  ten percent will be found.  Microchipping is helping increase the odds for recovering many of these lost pets.

Microchipping is a permanent way to identify your pet.  Using a sterile needle, your veterinarian will insert a tiny transponder (size of a grain of rice) under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades.  No anesthesia is required, so your pet can be microchipped on a routine visit.  The transponder contains a microchip number that is linked to your name and contact information in a national microchip database.  When a lost pet is brought to vet clinic or shelter, a scanner is waved over the pet to see if a microchip is in place.  The microchip number is displayed, the manufacturer is notified, and the owner is called to retrieve their pet.  

Both cats and dogs can be microchipped.  The process is less invasive then a tattoo and more reliable then an ID tag on your pet's collar.  We will register your information with the microchip service and provide you with the information to make future adjustments when you move or change phone numbers.